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The Curse of the WIP

27 Feb

I have promised myself (and my husband) that I will finish at least three works in progress this week before I start my next project. I got them all out to see what I should crack on with and oh my gosh, there is definitely more than I thought….




I shall keep you updated on how I get on :s


The Baby Mobile…WIP

28 Jul

Well about 6 weeks ago I had wonderful plans of making a mobile and it has taken me until now to get anywhere near completion.  Nowhere near as fancy as I planned as I only seem to get 20 minute intervals whilst Sausage Baby sleeps to get down to anything crafty and buy the the time the craft table is cleared and the sewing machine is turned on, baby is up again and ready for milkies (i now talk like a child, a side effect of becoming a parent)

You will need:

  • scrap material, colours depending on what you wish to make.
  • ribbons
  • needle and threads
  • sewing machine (optional)
  • 8 inch tapestry hoop
  • 4 inch tapestry hoop
  • stuffing/cotton wool

First I made a moon and a sunshine using a breast pad as a template.  for the sunshine, i made small triangles and sewed them onto the circle, pointing inwards then placed the other circle on top and sewed around leaving a little gap so that it can be turned inside out (outside out.)

Next, cut out star shapes.  Don’t forget to snip triangles into the corners so that it can be turned the right way out without pinching in the corners.

I used a muslin cloth for the clouds as it seemed quite a nice texture and i have hundreds of them everywhere.


I then stuffed them all with cotton wool, again because i have tons of the stuff, and then sewed the holes up not forgetting to attach the ribbons.  (First time round this happened then spent ages unpicking it all, nightmare)


All complete and ready to assemble when……


Photo and assembly instructions to follow when a new hoop arrives

Happy Making xxx