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The Upgraded Beast/ New BFF/Janome DC3050

10 Feb

All though I have just quit full time work and have no guarantee of when the next pay check will be coming in, I decided it was time for a new sewing machine. I was sold at Auto Tension.


It does so much compared to the old machine which could only be used in waking hours else all hours became waking hours due to industrious bewailing.

Just some of the wonderful things it does that the old one didn’t….

1. Makes me very happy if not a little guilty (I’ll get over that I’m sure).
2. Auto tension, no more skipped stitches or chewed up fabric.
3. Button hole with one press of a button. Oh my gosh this bit is good, you put a button into the specially designed foot, press a button and… Tadaa!…button hole made AND the button fits through the hole.
4. Really pretty stitches including flowers, hearts, little circles and my favourite, the scallop stitch.
5. Self threading needle, enough said.
6. One hand thread cutter. My old machine did have this, it just didn’t cut thread and you needed more than one hand.

I could go on but I’m actually a bit excited and I need to go look at it.

See you in a bit xxx