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Vintage Pyjama Pattern = 1 Lucky Husband (maybe)

26 Feb

My husband really wanted pyjamas for Christmas and he didn’t get any so I said I would attempt to make some for his birthday. I have a two and a half months so giving myself plenty of time. I searched eBay for a decent pattern and found this one. Classic!! I wanted to do something floral but I took my husband to the fabric shop to chose and he wants fabrics with a map of the world on. Not sure if his choice was made because he liked it or it was the first fabric he saw in the door way. I think I’ll go for the latter. Also last night on the sewing bee was pyjama making. Perfect to get me warmed up for my upcoming project!!



Maternity Leave, Lack of Craftiness and the New Project

24 Apr

I haven’t been blogging or crafting for that matter over the last week or two.  I thought going on maternity leave would mean I could just crack on with all the wonderful projects I have planed before the imminent arrival (just two weeks left).  Instead maternity leave has been taken up with a lot of sleep, very slow moving anywhere which then results in needing to sleep, catching up with friends, the tiniest amount of gardening as the weather is finally here, oh and my boyfriend and I got married so we are now husband and wife…so far it’s been wonderful….this all however has had a massive effect on the progress of the promised felt mobile and any other crafty projects.  But now I’m back, and not just back to the mobile (that’s been pushed to the side for a while) I have a brand new project that has come in to my life……

Behold…The Dolls House…