Book Review: Stylish Dress and Sweet Dress by Yoshiko Tsukiori

22 Feb

Stylish Dress Book: Wear with Freedom
Sweet Dress Book: 23 Stylish Outfits from Six Simple Patterns
Both by Yoshiko Tsukiori


I found out about these books from another book review I came across on the Stylish Dress Book. I can’t remember where who who the review came from but all I remember how interesting the book looked so I purchased it. I really loved the dress on the cover so I made it. The whole process was so simple and perfect for the impatient sewer like myself.


This book is full of beautifully simple photography, really clear drawn out instructions and all the patterns are drawn out on big sheet at the back of the book so you just have to trace them onto so pattern paper, cut it put and you are ready to go.

It took me one evening to draw out the pattern and the next evening to make the dress. It really was that simple. Post to follow very shortly.

I was so taken with the ease and simplicity of it and how well my dress turned out (I like it anyway even if the fabric choice isn’t to everyone’s liking and probably not I keeping with the spirit of this book) I went on to make two more dresses, one of which I adapted the patter to make it slightly different. As the patterns are simple shapes and nothing very fitted, you can easily adapt them to make them more your style.

I was hooked so I bought Sweet Dress Book and this book is even better!!


It has the same pattern as the dress I loved it and and more. I have since made a top from it, again post to follow shortly, slightly changed as I didn’t like the flappy bit.

This book has the same beautiful photography. It has a page of basic instructions which are very helpful as a reference when you haven’t flicked through the book for a while in regards to seam allowance etc. It again has all the patterns drawn out in the back ready for you to trace and what’s more, there is even a cupcake recipe. What more could you possibly want from a sewing book.

Even if you don’t make anything from these books they are enjoyable to look through at the beautiful, elegant very cute pictures.

Can not recommend these books enough. I need to buy them all!!

Happy Reading!!


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