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The Dolls House – Paint Stripping

25 Apr

Well I am now on day three of stripping the paint from the interior of the house…. I’ve had to take a break and thought I would spend this time telling you about it.  There were so many layers of old paint on both the interior and exterior I have decided to strip it all back to wood.  Initially I wanted to just go back to the original wallpaper but it had all been so ruined by the blue, yellow and bright red gloss that I’ve had to remove.  Apparently this is against dolls house law as its original Tri-ang paper (don’t worry I don’t know about this until I started researching this particular house).  You can buy replica wallpaper that I plan to replace it with so I’m not feeling too bad about destroying something that is near on 85 years old.  I apologise for these update photos if you are a dolls house fan as I think currently it is looking in a worse state then when I started.  I just keep saying to myself, it will all be worth it when it is looking beautiful and my daughter (when she is old enough) will just love playing with it (if I let her)



Ps.  Hopefully I will be feeling inspired to make some other crafty stuff and my blog isn’t taken over with dolls house news, I give it one more day and the sewing machine will be back out.


The Dolls House – Before I Got My Hands On It

25 Apr

A Little Bit About the House…

I saw this house on eBay about a week ago and for some reason absolutely fell in love with it and had to have it.  I had to wait a painstaking week until the auction ended and thank goodness no one else bid on it so I got it for just £35 (i’m not sure if this is good or not but i’m very happy/obsessed)  Even better than the price, it was only up the road from me so all in all win win.  The house had been in the same family since it was brand new back in 1930 and the man the family i bought it from was very sad to see it go but they had had boys instead of girls and couldn’t warrant keeping it as it does take up quite a lot of space.  it had been painted i have since found out about four times and needs some proper love and attention and taking back (almost) to it original former glory.

Here are pictures of the rooms before I started attacking it with the paint stripper

The Master Bedroom and the Living Room…


The Nursery and the Bathroom…


The Kitchen and the Garage…


Maternity Leave, Lack of Craftiness and the New Project

24 Apr

I haven’t been blogging or crafting for that matter over the last week or two.  I thought going on maternity leave would mean I could just crack on with all the wonderful projects I have planed before the imminent arrival (just two weeks left).  Instead maternity leave has been taken up with a lot of sleep, very slow moving anywhere which then results in needing to sleep, catching up with friends, the tiniest amount of gardening as the weather is finally here, oh and my boyfriend and I got married so we are now husband and wife…so far it’s been wonderful….this all however has had a massive effect on the progress of the promised felt mobile and any other crafty projects.  But now I’m back, and not just back to the mobile (that’s been pushed to the side for a while) I have a brand new project that has come in to my life……

Behold…The Dolls House…


Simple Dress

11 Apr

This morning I woke up feeling particularly crafty and decided I was going to make a dress.  I went to my local fabric shop and bought a metre of pretty material (I have plenty left).  I tried to write down my method along with photos so I could share it with you so I hope that you can understand it.  I would suggest doing a practice one first out of an old pillowcase or something before you attempt on nice material., just so you can get into your own head what pieces go where, especially if you are a novice like myself.  Please also take this as a guide as I was making it up as I went along so adapt and change where you think necessary.  It would be nice if you can share your creations too. I used a baby grow to get the sizing right so hopefully it will fit a baby, we shall find out in 4 weeks.  If you already have a baby and make this, let me know if it does fit, that would be great.


…Happy Sewing…

You will need:

  • A metre of material or half a metre of a choice fabric and half a metre of a lining fabric.
  • Paper to make your patterns with
  • Pen and chalk
  • A baby grow
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine and cotton
  • an Iron (not too necessary)
  • Poppers or buttons to use as a fastening

Making the Dress…

  1. Draw around the top of a baby grow to make a template for the top of the dress (piece A).
  2. Cut this shape out, fold it in half and draw around it again ensuring that the first piece has a higher neckline (piece B) and the second piece has a higher neckline and is 2cm wider as this will be an overlap (piece C).Image
  3. Draw around these pieces on your chosen material ensuring that you are drawing around piece C on the reverse.
  4. Draw around these pieces on the material you are using as a liner, drawing around piece B on the reverse.
  5. Cut out all of the pieces of material leaving a seam allowance of about 1 cm.Image
  6. Place piece B and C onto Piece A, pattern in.  Sew the shoulders together on your main material.
  7. Do the same as step 6 to you lining material.
  8. Iron the seams flat on both main material and lining.
  9. Place your lining on top of the main material making sure that the ironed flat bits are facing away from each other, in other words, pattern in.
  10. Sew around the armholes, the neckline and the back (the red lines).  Do not go right to the end on the back, leaving about 1cm, this will be important later.Image
  11. Snip off the corners and around the curves so that when you turn it right side out, it all sits flat.Image
  12. Turn right side out.
  13. Fold it so it looks like the top of the dress and sew the un-sewn edges together ensuring that you are sewing the liner to the line and the main material to the main material and that you are sewing the inside bits…this is quite tricky to explain…sorry.ImageImage
  14. Use the baby grow again to make a pattern for the skirt.
  15. Cut this out, mark out and cut out of the main material and the liner leaving about a 1cm seam allowance.Image
  16. Using the same pattern piece so that you get the right angles, make templates for the back pieces by cutting it in half.  Remember when you are marking it out on the material the one piece has to be 2cm wider so that it will be the same size as the top bit of the dress.  Make sure you are making the right bit wider, double check it using the top part of the dress.
  17. Sew the main material skirt pieces together making sure you have the slanted edges together. Hem if you need to, I didn’t need to as my material had a nice edging.
  18. Do the same for the liner as step 17.Image
  19. Sew the skirt to the top (main material to main material and liner to liner)Image
  20. Turn inside out so that you can sew down the edges (main material to liner)
  21. Turn right side out
  22. Finish off the back however you like.  I have used poppers and I’m rubbish at buttonholes…I fully blame my rubbish sewing machine and not my novice skills at all.Image
  23. I added a small group of buttons to the front like a little broach but you could add anything or nothing. Image

…Good Luck….

Felting – The Beginning

6 Apr

I had a thought that my next project should be a mobile to hang over the baby’s cot as I can’t find one that stands out as special in any way.  As I have never tried felting before and it seems to be a craft that keeps popping up lately, I thought I’d give it a go.  Straight onto eBay I went to get a basic starter kit and have been waiting patiently for it to arrive.  Today was the day.  I watched a quick YouTube video on “how to” then away I went.

With all the materials I needed in front of me I made this little bird along with nest, obviously still feeling quite Eastery.  It took me about 20 minutes, it’s surprising how you forget what a bird looks like when it actually comes to it.  It was quite difficult to create the shape but I’m sure with practise this will improve (any tips are welcome).
Bird and Nest
Next project will start tomorrow…The Baby Mobile